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That is to support biodiversity and access to public open space so that we can increase our prospects of plant-based minimally processed, biodiverse, affordable diets and be physically active so that we can eat enough without being overfat.There is a sea-change in establishment thinking around the diet-heart hypothesis, and what constitutes a healthy diet.Complex carbohydrates - as in fruit and vegetables - are probably another thing, and not similarly a problem.So go for dairy, olive oil and even the occasional wagyu beef burger, have lots of grains, fruit and vegetables, and lay off the sweet stuff - especially the empty calories in the 16 teaspoonfuls of trouble in sugar-sweetened soft drinks.Worldwide, an estimated 1.5 billion profiles swiped left and right and this lead to a total of 21 million matches.Hyped up as the new type of dating in the media (though in our opinion a bit overhyped) the app is, basically, a flirt app that is not so much a revolutionary form of dating as a simple way of getting to know new people.

People with high carb diets are more likely to have poor health than people with high fat diets, according to an international study of over 135,000 people from 18 countries.The researchers say that diet advice to reduce fat is based on evidence from North America and Europe that may not apply to other countries.They found that on average, global diets consisted of over 60 per cent energy from carbs and 24 per cent from fats, but the best diets should have 50-55 per cent carbs and around 35 per cent fats.During the development of the Guidelines several health agencies wrote to the NHMRC arguing that advice to replace saturated fat with carbohydrate to lower coronary disease risk was no longer evidence-based, but this was ignored.Consequently, the latest Australian Dietary Guidelines were 10 years out-of-date when they were published.

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