Volcanic ash layer dating

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Most dating techniques actually indicate that the earth is "young", not "old".

Ante-Deluvian World, Biblical Accuracy, Biblical Criticism, Chronology, Civilization, Creationism, Darwin and Darwinism, Ethics/Morality, Evolution & Religion, Evolution vs.

Crow ( past Professor of Genetics, University of Wisconsin) 6.

Natural selection (or "survival of the fittest") actually prevents evolutionary change, it does not encourage it.

The principle of "irreducible complexity" demonstrates that a wide range of component parts and technologies must be simultaneously existent for these organs to function.

In a partially developed state, they would become a liability to an organism, not an advantage.

This beautiful book answers such questions as: Where did all the salt come from?

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There are no living lizards with scale-feathers, leg-wings, or 3-chambered hearts. All living creatures are divided into distinct types. Many different forms of life are completely dependent upon each other (symbiotic relationships)."A mutation is a random change of a highly organized, reasonably smoothly functioning living body.A random change in the highly integrated system of chemical processes which constitute life is almost certain to impair it - just as the random interchange of connections in a television set is not likely to improve the picture." James F.Although it is widely known that Ernst Haeckel, who popularized this belief, deliberately falsified his drawings, they are still used in current biology textbooks. No verified form of extraterrestrial life of any kind has ever been observed. It is now acknowledged that "Piltdown man" was a hoax; the only evidence for "Nebraska man" turned out to be a pig's tooth; Eugene Bubois conceded forty years after he discovered "Java man" that it was just a large gibbon; the skulls of "Peking man" are now considered by many to be the remains of apes; the classification Homo erectus is considered by most experts to be a category that should never have been created. The earth's sedimentary layers were deposited rapidly, not slowly over millions of years. The existence of fossils dictates a sudden deposition of sediments.If life evolved on Earth, one would expect that at least simple forms of life, such as microbes, would have been found by the elaborate experiments sent to the moon and Mars. "Polystrate" fossils (those that span multiple strata) can only be explained by rapid burial in multiple sedimentary layers that were liquefied or soft at the time.

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