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Overall, a girl can repay the debt within three months.

If girl is an individual (works for herself), she spends working around a year then goes home for a “vacation” but later comes back again.

In Kazakhstan, they use their own ways for traveling to Emirates. Some of them are here in Kyrgyzstan: they recruit sex-workers, provide them with documents and help them get through the border control, while others meet girls in Dubai do the rest. It used to be easier to fly to Shardjah from Osh, using fake passports, but that flight was discontinued.

Flying off Bishkek is more problematic because of watchful border-guards. Passing though the border control using fake IDs costs US$ one thousand.

It’s okay if she drinks a lot, but clients in Emirates hate the smell of tobacco. - Indeed, boys are popular too, especially Russian boys, blonde with blue eyes, as well as Kyrgyz or Uzbek boys, particularly from Uzbekistan. - Once, a very influential person required girls and boys for a party at an ocean boat.

First, around 50 boys and girls were brought in a room with a one-way mirror wall.

It takes a year or a year-and-a-half for a girl to completely “wear out”, and less than three months for girls in cheap hotels who have 10-20 clients per night. Other mothers sell their daughters’ virginity only.

A mother goes abroad with her daughter for a just one job, which takes 3-5 days.

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Finally, they were paid only three thousand each, instead of a thousand per day.A virgin girls is examined by a gynecologist, in order to identify cases of restored virginity.It is also considered important for a girl to have even teeth and to refrain from smoking.She takes the newly arrived to a rented flat, where she collects girls’ passports and promises to give them back only after they repay at least .000. Then boss, seeing that a girl can bring good profit sells her off to a colleague.The latter claims that a girl owes her at least .000. However, every other boss could keep her promises and let girl go after she brings her all the money.

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