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However success goes to his head and his foolish actions not only threaten to jeopardize his sister Brooke's relationship with Mike but Mike's ambitions as well.Actress Cody Horn played Channing Tatum's love interest named Brooke in the film, coincidentally she played a girl named Brooke in one episode of White Collar which starred Matt Bomer who plays Ken in this film.She comes out with Max and decides to create a cupcake business when she finds out that although Max can bake delicious cupcakes, she doesn't really see how much she could sell it for.Caroline comes up with the idea of starting a cupcake business with Max but they need 0,000 to begin it, which is the main objective of the two girls in the series.And the ending, I don't think could have been more perfect - if you take nothing from it, well, you must be missing a lot of things in life. This is absolutely one of my favorite Soderbergh movies and easily one of the best movies I have seen this year in 2012 so far.

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90% of the reviews on here are exactly the same "the stripping was the ONLY good thing about the movie". I went into the movie with basically no expectations. And now, with the nearly ubiquitous acceptance of streaming as the primary method of song consumption, not only is the roster of artists who find both large audiences and critical acclaim more diverse and democratized than ever, but the entire idea of a publication-determined "Best Music of the Year" feels almost silly. While Kendrick Lamar’s aforementioned fourth studio album -- which hit like a meteor on the Friday before the rapper’s monster set to close out Coachella -- much of 2017 was defined by growers rather than out of the gate jams and much of the summer passed without a bona fide “Song of” said season. More on that in a second.)Really, it's only on looking back at the cavalcade of "Best Of" lists that footnote every year that you realize how full of noteworthy sounds 2017 in particular was.Due to her upbringing, she is very stylish and used to wear designer clothing.She has altered her diner uniform to make it fit better on her figure, and despite working at a restaurant, she still wears her favorite (or maybe the only one) pearl necklace and a metal belt around the apron.

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