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Instead, I found a bubbly, ever-so-slightly-mad Irish lady. I had an initial grilling about my relationship history. She wasn't overly impressed with my attempts to look glamorous. So with a combination of charm and schmoozing I borrowed some diamond earrings worth £25,000 from a Bond Street jewellers. The next thing I knew, I was on a plane to Nice for a date with one of Berkeley's top clients. ' We landed at a private landing strip for a spectacular Chinese dinner at Le Baoli, one of Cannes' most exclusive restaurants. The conversation turned to my single status, with Jack interrogating me as to why I'd hadn't settled down. Perhaps I should have asked Jack why he was reduced to paying for dates like me but by now I'd lost all confidence and was sure I'd never match his expectations. Whether it was the chilled Chablis or the Cannes heat, somehow, I snared my millionaire --we had a lingering kiss before retiring to our respective hotels.

Three seconds later we moved on to my criteria: 'I want someone who's nice, goodlooking, rich and, well, I want it all. On arrival I was chauffeured to a helicopter where I met Jack, a tall, dark, handsome English property millionaire with homes in various countries. I returned home the next day and eagerly awaited a call. No matter how rich or poor, if he doesn't call, he's just not that into you.

I'd learned that the men I was trying to attract were looking for a specific type of woman: glossy, well-groomed and, to be honest, submissive. While hardly a strident feminist, I could see little sense in swapping a hard-earned but fulfilling career for a life of luxury in which the only goal was satisfying someone else.One thing was clear though - if I was to stand any chance of success, I'd have to address my image. With cropped hair, ripped jeans and tatty trainers, I was hardly a model of sophistication. The one I found was a blond, longhaired beauty expert called Kyle. He produced a vast selection of wigs to complement an array of designer dresses I'd borrowed.I opted for a clip-on ponytail and a slinky, black frock - finishing off the new look with generous dollops of mascara and lip gloss. Well, actually, I guess not...' Richard made a polite exit. Maybe I would have more luck if I infiltrated more glamorous but less pressurised events.If you are not interested in joining an online dating site to find a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship, but you still want to find a mutually beneficial relationship, then Craigslist is a cheap and easy option for you.First, you want to post your ad in casual encounters inside the personal category, which means that you are looking for a no strings attached relationship.

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